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Bringing the best of both worlds!

Purchasing Yacht designs, engineering and components can be done everywhere, with us or a third party! Building a high quality Yacht and the development of a strong brand identity is something different.

This is where Greenleaf Yachting comes in. We have a clear four-step plan and an extensive international track record in finding the right specialists and talent for our customers. We involve them on the basis of a secondment (i.e. the detachment of a person from their regular organization for temporary assignment in China).

We also do contract research for the Yachting Industry (e.g for the development of a partnership with an European Yacht company. Greanleaf Yachting is based both in The Netherlands and China. Bringing the best of both worlds.

GreenLeaf Yachting Four-Step-Plan

We recognise the unique needs of the Asian Yachtbuilding sector. We work with leading companies in these markets. Our standardized workprocesses ensure very competitive prices and short leadtimes. In carrying out your project, we work according to a clear four-step plan.



We do an initial review of your vision on Yachting. We have standard checklists to get a right understanding of your vision and to structure the process for the following steps.

  • How do you want to position your product, what sales prices do you expect to realise?
  • Domestic market or also export markets?

Stages & Requirements


Discussing your requirements with your GreenLeaf Yachting specialists over a number of meetings will help fine-tune exactly what type of yacht build would suit you best.

Whether you are looking for a custom yacht, a semi-custom yacht or production yacht, deciding on what type of yacht will best suit your needs is the starting point for any new build.



In a market where pedigree matters, we are continually making new connections with designers, engineers and technical specialist as they enter the market, continuously evaluating their capacity to meet the needs of our clients.

This means we can offer impartial advice on where to build and which designer to choose, validating the information supplied and analysing responses to a competitive tender.

Design & Build


At the design stage, the seconded technical experts work closely with the yard and designer team to ensure that designs meet the appropriate technical and legal requirements.

Throughout the construction phase, the GreenLeaf team can advise on scheduling, supervise the build, make regular progress reports, and review and approve the shipyard’s supply chain.